My One-offs

Delphine de Vigan

This book cover is a german adaptation of the french best-seller. It represent the link between the two main characters trough this feminin and raw autobiography.

A mall’s new fashion collection

The spring collection will be sober, bright and made of light materials. So I chose to represent the different pieces with the parts of a flower as in a botanical book.

Photographe: Kimmo Metsaranta

A new Lancel bag

Two flashes enlighten the bag to show the 3 different sizes of the bag with the shadows.

Training for your hands.

This ad was made for a mountain and hiking magazine. It brings with humour hiking and McDonald’s world.

Fricote Magazine cover

There is a lot of magazines on a newstand. So I chose to catch costumer attention with attractive textures.

Photographe: Jenny Van Sommers

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